CEDIA 2012

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the CEDIA show in Indianapolis, and let me just say, it was great to see everyone this year!  Paul Sabbah, our International Representative, and I had some wonderful meetings with present and future distributors from around the world.  We are very excited to expand into new markets as more people discover the fun of high-quality tactile sound for their home theaters and top-notch underwater sound for their swimming pools.  Right before I left for the show, I received a call from the Walt Disney company inquiring about the distribution of Clark Synthesis products in China.  They are wanting a steady supply of transducers for the new Disneyland in Shanghai and I’m hoping that we can secure a deal soon for a stocking distributor in Shanghai.

As I walked around the floor of CEDIA, there were two main products that caught my eye.  The first is the Darbee Visual Presence from Darbee Vision – a box that enhances the picture in some subtle and pleasing ways.  When I first saw the product, I was afraid that it would be another video gimmick that, in the name of improving the picture, actually makes the picture worse.  (Perhaps you have seen some of those “enhancements” that look like cartoonish pictures with overbright pixels and oversaturated colors.)  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  I’m not sure what the electronics do, but the videos felt more natural and more pleasing to the eye and, for some reason, I actually felt better watching the picture processed with Visual Presence that the picture without it.  I asked Adam Darbee what they were doing and he said that the product examines the picture and makes changes to individual pixels as needed to improve the overall video.  Granted, that’s a rather vague answer, but when I looked at the picture, it made sense.  Adam told me that the price is going up soon, so if I want one, I had better move fast.

The second product of note is the 3D-Bee Diamond 2D to 3D converter.  I’ve seen many products at CEDIA and CES that claim to do quality 2D to 3D conversion, but when I’ve seen the demos, I’ve usually seen an ugly, dark picture that has no place in anyone’s home theater.  The 3D-Bee Diamond is different – very different.  First, the 3D picture looks really good – certainly good enough for my home cinema.  Second, you can adjust both the depth of the 3D, and the video pop-out at the same time.  I was able to adjust the 3D depth and video pop-out until the picture felt comfortable to the eye and the action felt realistic.  The demo used passive glasses, and the picture looked bright enough in the harsh light of the trade show floor.  I was very impressed with both the 3D converter and the Darbee Visual Presence.

Next year, the CEDIA show will return to Denver and since it’s practically in our backyard, we might be showing there.  Until next time…



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