Cedia 2014

Image SmallWe had a great time at the Cedia show this year – it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces! We love keeping in touch with everyone and hearing how many of you are still enjoying your Clark transducers in your home theaters and movie-watching. Some of you have had the same transducer for 10 years, and still going strong! As always, it’s a blast watching people try our transducer out for the first time.  I had an especially touching moment when one person in particular came over to see our Clark Synthesis demo. Still a little motion sick from a competitor’s display, she was hesitant to try it for herself – but, after a little coaxing, she sat in the seat. We started the demo and watched her expression change from apprehension to delight.  At the end of the demo, she told her husband that she really liked the experience and that she wanted these transducers added to their home theater ASAP. We love having the chance to prove that we’re not the same as the other companies that add that tactile element to home theaters. While we were there, Rave stopped by and was kind enough to shoot a quick video of the display for us – check it out.



A special thanks to Jeff and Mohni of First Impressions Theme Theaters for providing a fabulous chair for the demo.  You can learn more about First Impressions Theme Theaters at their website here. Thanks for another great year at Cedia! Look forward to seeing you all in Dallas next year.

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