Bon Iver and Feist @ Red Rocks

Last night, we had the privilege of attending the Bon Iver concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre… and can I just say that this was one of the most outstanding concerts I’ve ever seen?  I feel like I say that a lot…but it’s true…

The evening opened with Feist, an artist I already have great admiration for, and she certainly did not disappoint.  Even though she doesn’t need any help in being awesome, her band and backup singers were stand-up acts by themselves and the combination made for an unbelievable show.

Then came Bon Iver.  And what can I even say?  The stage set was incredible, the band was beyond amazing, and the lighting was magicial.  I felt like I got to be at a concert and a light show at the same time.  And to describe Justin Vernon…well, I haven’t quite found the words yet.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that much talent out of one person.

One of the first things I noticed as the stage was being set was the presence of two drum sets.  I couldn’t believe how well synchronized the band was with so many instruments and musicians on the stage, but I’m guessing the transducers helped out with that.  Either way, we were all extremely impressed with the level of depth and complexity from all the musicians.

We at Clark Synthesis just want to shout out a huge “thank you” to Bon Iver for the incredible seats and for putting on such an unforgettable show.  We can’t wait to catch you again next time around.



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