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FAQ: How Do Our Transducers Differ?

One frequent question we get asked at Clark Synthesis is “what’s the main difference between your three transducers?”  It’s a valid question considering their price range and variability of application, and even though the answer is important, it’s still pretty … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to 2013

Over the last year, Clark Synthesis product lines went through a few changes. To name a few, the Aquasonic® Underwater Speaker got re-named to the Diluvio™, we added fully weatherproof speakers (the Aguaceiro™ and the Torden™) to our outdoor living … Continue reading

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Moving Manufacturing Back To USA

Even though the holiday season is famously known (or perhaps infamously known) for its harried busyness, Clark Synthesis has even more hustle and bustle than normal.  Why all the frazzle this year?  Well, unfortunately for my sweet-tooth, it isn’t because … Continue reading

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Helping The Deaf Experience Sound

Clark Synthesis transducers are best known for adding that fourth dimension – the sense of feeling – to movies, video games, and music.  But that’s not all they can do.  Clark transducers can actually help people with certain types of … Continue reading

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