Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of Clark Synthesis, Inc. is the wide range of companies committed to integrating Clark Synthesis tactile sound transducers into their products. This broad usage speaks to the versatility of our transducer line and the confidence these manufacturers have in our products.  For us at Clark Synthesis, much of our excitement and reward comes from knowing our transducers are being used around the world to produce products that help people relax, excel, and enjoy life.


One of the major markets where Clark transducers are integrated is in whirlpools and hot tubs. An AW339 All-Weather transducer is often used by these manufacturers as part of a complementary sound package upgrade.
Offering this type of upgrade has proven to be a successful marketing strategy for several whirlpool, spa, and hot tub manufacturers.



Home Theater

Another group of manufacturers using Clark transducers with great success are the builders of home theater furniture. Several quality furniture manufacturers currently offer Clark transducers as an upgrade feature in their chairs, with most manufacturers being willing to install the mounting hardware for the transducer at the factory. This option has proven to be an effective way for the furniture manufacturers to offer their customers a quality upgrade and increase the attractiveness of their product.


Sports CarFor those in the automotive industry, the use of Clark transducers is a logical next step in offering their customers the best in audio upgrades for their vehicle. By combining today’s automotive speaker technology with the tactile sound delivered by Clark transducers, the senses of the car’s occupants will be stimulated long before they put the car in gear.



JetAnother set of manufacturers that use Clark products are some of the companies that build airline simulators. By integrating the transducers into their simulators, these companies are delivering a higher-quality, more realistic exerience to their customers. This, in turn, results in better-trained pilots, which benefits all of us.




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