Outdoor Speaker Spread in Aquatics International

As fall begins to usher in winter, Clark Synthesis is going through some changes that are bringing us into a new season… and that means I have a lot of work to do!  As I’ve been nose-deep in projects and preparation for these changes, I’ve watched with a bit of chagrin as the mail piles high on my desk.  Every time I see a new trade magazine, I think to myself, “Oh, I want to look through that today!” …and then they day goes by without taking a glance…

So the other day, I decided to finally take a break from my projects and flip through the pages of the latest trade magazine to top the stack.  I picked it up, wondering what new articles I could read to brush up on the pool industry, and flipped it open to a random page mid-magazine.  As I looked down, my brain registered something familiar.  As my eyes focused on the page, I realized I was staring at a product photo of our Aguaceiro™ MultiClimate Airspeaker that I had shot and edited a few months ago.  “What is this??” I thought.  It took a while before I remembered submitting the information for a place in the magazine, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to see it take up half the page as soon as I opened it!

I really enjoy my job here and I take pride in my work, so it was nice to see the unexpected spread in a magazine.  I really believe in the quality and design of our products so I do my best to make them look just as good as they perform!

A great big thank you to Erin Ansley for the spread in Aquatics International!

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