CES Show Day 3 Las Vegas!

Attendees at CES continue to give me feedback on Clark Synthesis’ announcement of the new outdoor speaker. When I tell customers that this is the last outdoor speaker they will ever have to purchase, they are eager to get their hands on it. The new Aguaceiro MultiClimate Airspeaker is scheduled to be on the shelf March 1st. You can expect to hear more about the Aguaceiro between now and then.

The North Hall of CES is starting to feel like the Detroit Auto Show, with new models being shown next to concept cars.  Mercedes showed a concept info system with the entire windshield displaying travel graphics that are controlled by hand motions. Ford’s concept car has 4 gull wing doors and looks especially fun to drive.  I do believe that, someday, we will see a transducer in a production automobile.  A high quality transducer gives the experience of large subwoofers without taking up the space of large subwoofers.  You can imagine what a pleasure it was for me to go through the auto sound area at CES, because there are still manufacturers building large subwoofers.  I saw one that weighed as much as a small car engine. This oversized technology definitely will disappear in my lifetime! Mark Abate with Sound Choice Audio was showing a custom chopper with an awesome sound system – the kind that would make cruising on a sunny day a delight.

Also at CES were cuddly toys that look cute and make cooing sounds.  The baby dinosaurs were especially cute.  I must have seen over 200 companies selling iPhone/iPod/iPad accessories, which of course are red hot, right now.  They ranged from aluminum frames to waterproof covers to fashion purses.  One  iPhone holder even has a bottle opener built in!  The guitar neck iPhone holder seemed just a little over the top.  The pitch for this was that you could put your sheet music on your iPhone and play the guitar.  I couldn’t figure out how to turn the pages.  The iShower streams audio via Bluetooth to a device that hangs in, you guessed it, your shower.  Don’t know how it sounds when the water is running, but it looks fun.


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