3 Purely Fun Uses For Transducers

Clark Synthesis transducers have a lot of practical uses, but they can also be used just for fun.  Regardless of the application, tactile sound can add enjoyment to the more ordinary moments of life.  Here are three purely entertaining ways to use your tactile sound transducers.

  1. Attaching a transducer to any resonate surface will turn that surface into a speaker.  Because Clark Synthesis transducers are full-frequency, they accurately reproduce the full range of audible sound, which makes them ideal for use as a high-fidelity speaker.
  2. For the video game enthusiast, transducers give you that added sense of reality by making you feel like you’re part of the game.  Just attach a transducer to the bottom of your favorite gaming chair and you’ll actually feel the gun shots, explosions, and the rumble of the engine under your seat… just as if you were inside the game.
  3. If you like to relax with music, you might want to try adding a transducer to your favorite couch or chair.  Even some massage companies use our transducers in massage tables, using the musical vibrations to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.  With a transducer, a comfy chair, and your favorite song, you can experience the same benefits in your own home.


For more interesting applications, check out our Just For Fun page and see how others have enjoyed their Clark Synthesis transducers.


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