The Grizzly Rose

photo 2

Our Prosound can be attached to just about any brand of drum throne.

On Friday we got to meet up with our good friend Bobo Benefield, currently touring with Tate Stevens. As a drummer, Bobo has toured with several different bands, and has been a long time fan of our Prosound Transducer.

We had a blast and loved seeing our equipment in action. Check out the video below for Bobo’s drum solo, and some shots of the show!


Tate singing

Tate Stevens

Guitarist and Bassist 2

Lead Guitar and Bass

photo 1

Bobo with most of the Clark Synthesis team.

Since bringing manufacturing back to the US, we have made some design adjustments to the Prosound that has made it stronger and more durable. For more information, see our product page here, or contact us here.

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New Operations Manager

BethanyHeadshotSmallWe are excited to announce that Bethany Allen will now be serving as our Operations Manager!

Having originally come to Clark Synthesis in 2007, Bethany has worked in several different areas at Clark Synthesis. She will bring years of experience and organization to the position, and is excited to tackle a new challenge. She will be managing our inventory and operations, and overseeing our US-based manufacturing. We are lucky to have her and look forward to the days to come.

For more information on Bethany and the other Clark Synthesis staff, visit our Meet the Staff page!

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Product Clips

While Bill was in Amsterdam last week for ISE 2014 (more on that soon!), he had the opportunity to give a short introduction to our favorite products: the Platinum and Gold transducers, and our underwater speaker. Check out these clips to see what he had to say.


For more details on our transducers, click here.

Check out our underwater speaker here.

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Oh But It’s Cold Outside…

As the chilly weather comes upon us here in the northern hemisphere, you may be winterizing your pool and wondering what to do with your underwater speakers. If your pool runs the risk of freezing this winter, follow these tips for protecting your speakers against the ice:

  • Always install speaker below the freeze line, under the ice.
  • If speaker is already installed above the freeze line, take the it out of the niche and allow it to rest on the bottom of the pool.
  • If there is not enough speaker cable to do that, place a crate on the bottom of the pool and allow the speaker to rest on the crate; do not let the speaker hang by the its cable.

Generally speaking, your Diluvio Underwater Speaker should be fine staying in the water through the winter. If you have our Aguaceiro Outdoor Speaker, check out this great clip to see how it stands up to wintery conditions.


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